Dreams Decoded
Scientific and Practical Interpretations of Dreams.

Hotel :
To dream of living in a hotel, denotes ease and profit.

Hotel :
To visit women in a hotel, your life will be rather on a dissolute order.

Hotel :
To dream of seeing a fine hotel, indicates wealth and travel.

Hotel :
If you dream that you are the proprietor of a hotel, you will earn all the fortune you will ever possess.

Hotel :
To work in a hotel, you could find a more remunerative employment than what you have.

Hotel :
To dream of hunting a hotel, you will be baffled in your search for wealth and happiness.

Register :
To dream that some one registers your name at a hotel for you, denotes you will undertake some work which will be finished by others.

Ropes :
To dream that you let a rope down from an upper window to people below, thinking the proprietors would be adverse to receiving them into the hotel, denotes that you will engage in some affair which will not look exactly proper to your friends, but the same will afford you pleasure and interest. For a young woman, this dream is indicative of pleasures which do not bear the stamp of propriety.

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