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Dreams Decoded
Scientific and Practical Interpretations of Dreams.

Ghost :
To dream of the ghost of either one of your parents, denotes that you are exposed to danger, and you should be careful in forming partnerships with strangers.

Light :
To see a dim light, indicates partial success.

Umbrella :
To dream of carrying an umbrella, denotes that trouble and annoyances will beset you.

Ink-stand :
To see them filled with ink, if you are not cautious, enemies will succeed in calumniation.

Bet :
Betting on races, beware of engaging in new undertakings.
Enemies are trying to divert your attention from legitimate business.

Ouija :
If it writes fluently, you may expect fortunate results from some well-planned enterprise.

Ruby :
To dream of a ruby, foretells you will be lucky in speculations of business or love. For a woman to lose one, is a sign of approaching indifference of her lover.

Negro :
To dream of a difficulty with a negro, signifies your inability to overcome disagreeable surroundings. It also denotes disappointments and ill fortune.

Apparel :
To admire the apparel of others, denotes that she will have jealous fears of her friends.

Javelin :
If you are pierced by a javelin, enemies will succeed in giving you trouble.

Side :
To dream that your side pains you, there will be vexations in your affairs that will gall your endurance.

Sausage :
To eat them, you will have a humble, but pleasant home.

Ledger :
For a young woman to dream of ledgers, denotes she will have a solid business man to make her a proposal of marriage.

Cattle :
To see young calves in your dream, you will become a great favorite in society and win the heart of a loyal person. For business, this dream indicates profit from sales. For a lover, the entering into bonds that will be respected. If the calves are poor, look for about the same, except that the object sought will be much harder to obtain.

Usurper :
If others are trying to usurp your rights, there will be a struggle between you and your competitors, but you will eventually win.

Pickpocket :
To dream of a pickpocket, foretells some enemy will succeed in harassing and causing you loss. For a young woman to have her pocket picked, denotes she will be the object of some person's envy and spite, and may lose the regard of a friend through these evil machinations, unless she keeps her own counsel. If she picks others' pockets, she will incur the displeasure of a companion by her coarse behavior.

Handwriting :
To dream that you see and recognize your own handwriting, foretells that malicious enemies will use your expressed opinion to foil you in advancing to some competed position.

Harem :
If a woman dreams that she is an inmate of a harem, she will seek pleasure where pleasure is unlawful, as her desires will be toward married men as a rule. If she dreams that she is a favorite of a harem, she will be preferred before others in material pleasures, but the distinction will be fleeting.

January :
To dream of this month, denotes you will be afflicted with unloved companions or children.

Pepper :
To dream of pepper burning your tongue, foretells that you will suffer from your acquaintances through your love of gossip.

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