Dreams Decoded
Scientific and Practical Interpretations of Dreams.

Architect :
For a young woman to see an architect, foretells she will meet rebuffs in her aspirations and maneuvers to make a favorable marriage.

Measles :
To dream that you have measles, denotes much worry, and anxious care will interfere with your business affairs.

Tobacco :
To see it growing, foretells successful enterprises. To see it dry in the leaf, ensures good crops to farmers, and consequent gain to tradesmen.

Sweet Oil :
Sweet oil in dreams, implies considerate treatment will be withheld from you in some unfortunate occurrence.

Porpoise :
To see a porpoise in your dreams, denotes enemies are thrusting your interest aside, through your own inability to keep people interested in you.

Ship :
To dream of ships, foretells honor and unexpected elevation to ranks above your mode of life.

Horse :
To dream of dark horses, signifies prosperous conditions, but a large amount of discontent. Fleeting pleasures usually follow this dream.

Glass :
To see your image in a mirror, foretells unfaithfulness and neglect in marriage, and fruitless speculations.

Hidden :
To find hidden things, you will enjoy unexpected pleasures.

Ferns :
To see ferns in dreams, foretells that pleasant hours will break up gloomy forebodings. To see them withered, indicates that much and varied illness in your family connections will cause you grave unrest.

Safe :
To find a safe empty, denotes trouble.

Entertainment :
To dream of an entertainment where there is music and dancing, you will have pleasant tidings of the absent, and enjoy health and prosperity. To the young, this is a dream of many and varied pleasures and the high regard of friends.

Tongue :
To dream that your tongue is affected in any way, denotes that your carelessness in talking will get you into trouble.

Bridge :
To cross a bridge safely, a final surmounting of difficulties, though the means seem hardly safe to use. Any obstacle or delay denotes disaster.

Beacon-light :
For persons in distress, warm attachments and unbroken, will arise among the young.

Garbage :
To see heaps of garbage in your dreams, indicates thoughts of social scandal and unfavorable business of every character. For females this dream is ominous of disparagement and desertion by lovers.

Mariner :
To dream that you are a mariner, denotes a long journey to distant countries, and much pleasure will be connected with the trip.

Sky :
To see the sky turn red, indicates that public disquiet and rioting may be expected.

Fountain :
A clouded fountain, denotes the insincerity of associates and unhappy engagements and love affairs.

Melancholy :
To dream that you see others melancholy, denotes unpleasant interruption in affairs. To lovers, it brings separation.

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