different ways to drap saree

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Bengali saree with twist

Different ways to Drap Saree

The saree has evolved over the years and so has the Indian woman different ways to wear a saree.
Bengali saree with twist

Love the Bengali saree but confused about the draping, do not worry I have an easy and modified Bengali saree drape for you here.Like last two drape here also bottom portion remains same.Pleat pallu and let it go over the left shoulder from front side itself.do not let it very loose or tight in front and then fix it with pin.Take one corner of the pallu falling back, bring it front from under your arm.Now in place of going back with a key ring in traditional Bengali saree, here we will secure the corner of pallu on the centre of the blouse.You can use a nice brooch to make it look fancier.Tada, your twisted Bengali drape is done.

Mermaid saree draping style
Gujarati way
Rajrani saree draping style
Nivi Style
Front Pallu
Maharashtra method
Bengali saree with twist
Coorgy twist
Tamilian version
Kodagu style
Skirt style
Indo Western Style
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