different ways to drap saree

Gujarati way

Different ways to Drap Saree

The saree has evolved over the years and so has the Indian woman different ways to wear a saree.
Gujarati way
This version of draping, ccommonly known as the seedha pallu way, is also found in parts of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar.Instead of opening to the left, the pleats are tucked so that they open to the right.Then, the pallu is taken to the back and brought over the right shoulder.It is then spread across the chest, and the left edge is tucked in the petticoat at the back.

Skirt style
Mermaid saree draping style
Front Pallu
Butterfly saree draping style
Kodagu style
Gujarati way
Oriya touch
The retro style
Wendell Rodricks Sari Gown
Mumtaz Style Saree
Rajrani saree draping style
Lehenga Saree
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