dangerous situations and how to escape

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Dangerous Situations And How To Escape

Part of the training provided at Sealed Mindset includes learning how to escape potentially dangerou

Do not try to outrun it. The avalanche is faster than you by a long shot, even on your skis. You stand a much better chance if you try to move horizontally away from it. If this is not possible then close your mouth and put your hand and arms in front of your face to create an air pocket. Youll need it when it when the snow falls. Also, make sure you dont scream because it will waste your oxygen. Lastly, try urinating, seriously. It will make it easier for search dogs to find you.

Lost in woods
Fell into an ice hole
Lightning storm
Buried alive
Cramp while swimming
Hostage situation
Caught in crossfire
Nuclear Explosion
Surprised by gigantic wave
Falling down a mountainside
Choking on food
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