Dams in India
There are many important dams and barrages in India .. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Lakhwar Dam
The Lakhwar Dam is a gravity dam currently under construction on the Yamuna River near the town of Lakhwar in Dehradun district of Uttarakhand, India. The primary purpose of the project is hydroelectric power generation and it will support a 300 MW power station when complete. In conjunction with the dam, the Vyasi Dam and 120 MW Hathiari Power Station will be constructed downstream. To also provide for irrigation and water supply, the Katapathar Barrage will be built downstream of the Vyasi Dam. It first received environmental clearance in 1986 and construction on the 204 m (669 ft) tall dam began in 1987 under the supervision of the Uttar Pradesh Irrigation Department, when the area belonged to Uttar Pradesh. Construction was halted at 35 percent progress in 1992 due to a lack of funding. Early construction restarted on the project in November 2013 and it once again received environmental clearance from the Ministry of Environment and Forests in February 2014. It is expected to be completed in 2016.

Mandira Dam
Gangrel Dam
Hirakud dam
Krishna Raja Sagara
Ujjani Dam
Kodasalli Dam
Radhanagari Dam
Bisalpur Dam

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