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Vegetarianism enlivens the health

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Vegetarianism enlivens the health

Vegetarianism enlivens the health. The word " Vegetarian " was coined by the Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom in about 1847. The word does not come from vegetable as is generally assumed: It is a derivation of the Latin word ' vegetari ' which means to enliven. The practice of vegetarianism, however, goes far back in history. Many noted philosophers and religious teachers urged their followers to avoid a flesh diet. Brahminism, Jainism, Zoraostrianism and Buddhism acknowledged the sacredness of life and the need to live without causing suffering; so did many of the early Christians. There are various types of vegetarians." Vegans "are the strictest vegetarians who eat only plant foods and exclude all animal by-products such as eggs, milk, cheese, curd, butter, ghee and even honey. There are " lacto vegetarians " who eat plant foods as well as dairy products and " lacto-ovo vegetarians " who eat eggs besides plant foods and dairy products. There are even fish-eating vegetarians. The common factor among them is that they do not eat the flesh of warm- blooded animals.

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