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Ten Commandments for Problem Drinkers

Daily Health Tips

Ten Commandments for Problem Drinkers

Here are the Ten Commandments for Problem Drinkers, as given by psychiatrist Dr. William B. Terhune. These are:
(i) Never drink when you "need one."
(ii) Sip slowly.
(iii) Space your drinks, waiting 30 minutes for a second drink after the first and then an hour before the third.
(iv) Dilute your alcohol.
(v) Keep an accurate and truthful records of the number of drinks you take.
(vi) Never conceal the amount you drink.
(vii) Never drink on an empty stomach.
(viii) Never drink on cue (for lunch, for dinner, just because you are tired, in bedroom seduction, because you are bored or frustrated, or at bedtime).
(ix) Never take a drink in the morning to break a hangover.
(x) And never drink to escape discomfort, either physical or mental.

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