daily health tips

Take heed of headaches Headaches may be a symptom of hypertension

Daily Health Tips

Take heed of headaches Headaches may be a symptom of hypertension

High blood pressure can cause pounding headaches. The headache usually starts at the back of the head on getting up in the morning. A safe method of treatment for this is to immerse your legs to calf-level in a tub of hot water for 15 to 20 minutes. This draws the blood away from the head and down to the feet, relieving the headache. Also helpful is the yogic practice known as pranayama. Stand erect with the feet aligned straight and touching each other. Lock the fingers together with the hands beneath the chin and keep them there through the entire exercise. Slowly raise the arms as you inhale, filling your lungs with air. Feel the action of the breathing through your throat. Then raise your arms above your head as you lean back and exhale, all the while keeping the hands at your chin. When you completely exhale, feeling the movement of the air through your throat, lower your arms and repeat the exercise 20 times.

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