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Food Cures for Dysentery

Daily Health Tips

Food Cures for Dysentery

Among specific food remedies, bael fruit is, perhaps, the most efficacious in the treatment of dysentery of both the varieties. Pulp of the fruit mixed with jaggery should be given thrice daily. To deal with a chronic case of dysentery, unripe bael fruit is roasted over the fire and the pulp is mixed with water. Large quantities of the infusion so made should be administered with jaggery. The pulp of the unripe fruit mixed with an equal quantity of dried ginger can also be given with butter milk. The use of pomegranate rind is another effective remedy for dysentery. About 60 grams should be boiled in 250 grams of milk. It should be removed from the fire when one third of the milk has evaporated. It should be administered to the patient in three equal doses at suitable intervals. It will relieve the disease very soon. Lemon juice is very effective in dealing with ordinary cases of dysentery. A few lemons, peels and sliced, should be added to 250 ml of water and boiled for a few minutes. The strained infusion should be administered thrice daily.

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