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Fasting for Kidney Disease Treatment

Daily Health Tips

Fasting for Kidney Disease Treatment

To treat kidney disease, consider the fast. The safest treatment for acute nephritis is fasting. By means of the fast, the toxins and systemic impurities responsible for setting up of the inflammatory kidney conditions are removed rapidly. The patient should resort to juice fasting for seven to ten days until the acute symptoms subside. Mostly vegetable juices such as carrot, celery and cucumber should be used during this period. A warm water enema should be taken each day while fasting, to cleanse the bowels of the toxic matter being thrown off by the self-cleansing process resulting from the fast. After the juice fast, the patient may adopt an all-fruit diet for four to five days. Juicy fruits such as apples, grapes, oranges, pears, peaches and pineapples should be taken during this period at five-hourly intervals. After the all-fruit diet, the patient may adopt fruits and milk diet. In this regimen, milk, preferably raw goat's milk, may be added to the fruit diet for further seven days. The patient may thereafter gradually embark upon a well-balanced low protein vegetarian diet.

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