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Colour Therapy Simple Methods 1

Daily Health Tips

Colour Therapy Simple Methods 1

See the world through rose coloured glasses. There are two methods of treating diseases by colour: by the application of light through different coloured glasses, and By external or internal use of colour-charged water. In the first method, sheets of glass, 30 cm x 36 cm of the required colours are needed. These are placed at the window frames or any other convenient place in such a way that the sun's rays can pass through them and fall directly on the patient's body. The usual duration of the colour treatment is 30 minutes. In case of local application, a pane of glass can be placed in front of the diseased part so that the light passing through the glass falls on the afflicted area. At night lanterns can be used for the purpose. A single lantern can have glass panes of four different colours and the required colour can be focussed on the patient or the affected parts. You can also add colour your health with colour-charged water. For this technique, coloured bottles are needed. These bottles should be cleaned and filled up to three-fourths level with fresh well water, distilled water or rain water. The bottles should be corked and then placed in bright sunlight for three to four hours. After this exposure, the water is said to acquire medicinal properties and this colour-charged water can be used both internally and for external applications. Wounds and ulcers can be washed with this water and it can also be used to massage the affected parts or applied as compress on them. For internal use, an adult can take 30 ml. of colour-charged water as a single dose. The dose can be repeated as required.

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