daily health tips

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A Secret Supplement for All Around Good Health

Daily Health Tips

A Secret Supplement for All Around Good Health

For all-around good health, take lecithin. Dr. N.A. Ferri, an eminent physician remarks-"Lecithin has a versatile function in life. It is an extremely important factor in the digestion and oxidation of fats, thus creating more muscle and glandular activity, resulting in greater body exertion and less fat accumulations. Lecithin is essential not only for tissue integrity of the nervous and glandular system in all living cells, but has been regarded as also the most effective generator and regenerator of great physical, mental and glandular activity. Shattered nerves, depleted brain power, waning activity of vital glands, find in lecithin, especially in the cellular structure of the nervous system and endocrine glands a source of dynamic energy."

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