cutting edge technologies soon to be used in cars

Night Vision with Pedestrian Detection

Cutting Edge Technologies Soon to be Used in Cars

Night Vision with Pedestrian Detection
Cadillac first offered night vision in vehicles in 2000. An updated version of the night vision technology by Mercedes called Night View Assist Plus has been available in the S Class since 2005. In the more recent version of this technology which is already offered in the 2010 E Class, the new system will pinpoints pedestrians and highlight them on the dashboard display. BMW has a similar technology with a pedestrian identifier that also shows the moving direction of the pedestrian. Volvo has developed a combination of technologies which can identify pedestrians and cyclists, thus allowing avoidance of collisions in urban areas. The modern night vision systems detect infrared light or amplify the available light to detect objects out of range of the main headlights.

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Night Vision with Pedestrian Detection
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Cutting Edge Technologies Soon to be Used in Cars
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