cutting edge technologies soon to be used in cars

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Augmented Reality Dashboards

Cutting Edge Technologies Soon to be Used in Cars

Augmented Reality Dashboards

Display Screen on the windshield is already designed for many high end cars. In the coming days, cars will be able to identify external objects in front of the driver and display information on the windshield about them. BMW has already implemented windshield displays in some of their vehicles which display basic information of the identified object, and now, they are also developing an augmented reality dashboard that will be able to recognize the distance from the object. This system will also display a red box in the windshield showing how to maneuver into the next lane before the collision if any other car approaches towards it. BMW recently projected a video where they uses AR glasses to look at the engine for identifying the parts need to be replaced and then also shows step by step instructions on how to fix it.

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Augmented Reality Dashboards
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Cutting Edge Technologies Soon to be Used in Cars
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