cutest animal facts

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Chicks can talk to each other from inside their shells

Cutest Animal Facts

It's hard to say what it is about animals that we love the most their cute or beautiful looks.
Chicks can talk to each other from inside their shells

Thats right; chicks have at LEAST 24 different sounds to communicate with each other and their mum from inside their egg. Which means that, when they hatch, theyll already know all their brothers and sisters. Cute, huh?

they are intelligent
A newborn panda weighs the same amount as a cup of tea
Elephants have babysitters
A group of pugs is called a grumble
Otters collect rocks
Squirrels are unbelievably charitable
Dogs have identity marks too
Cows love music
Otters hold hands so they stay together
Snow Leopards love their tails
Mother orangutans build special homes for their babies
Polar Bears are extremely polite especially when they need a favour
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