cool gifts college students

Cool Gifts College Students

Gift Ideas From Parents to College Students ... If buying for a college student seems daunting, chec
51. A weekender bag
All your college friends will probably be headed in different directions after graduation. A nice weekender bag will have you ready to visit them constantly.
52. Nail polish in your school colors
Perfect for the big graduation day and all the interviews in store after. Find this Essie rock the boat polishherefor $8.50.
53. A money tree
54. Adobe Ink and Slide
When you re trying to make a drawing or diagram, sometimes a mouse and keyboard just won t cut it. Adobe found a way to integrate those clunky, incompatible stylus systems with your omnipresent iPad. And with the additional smart ruler tool, your lines can be crisp and clear.
55. Sense
Struggling to wake up for that early morning class? It s probably because your alarm isn t smart enough. Meet Sense: an intelligent alarm and sleep tracker that sits on your nightstand. Along with a sensor called the Sleep Pill that clips to your pillow (don t swallow it), Sense can monitor noise, light, temperature, humidity, and particles in the air as you sleep, giving you insight on your sleep patterns or letting you know why you keep falling asleep during History.
56. Bitlock Keyless Bike Lock
Bitlock s cut resistant steel U lock lets you unhook your bike with your smartphone
57. Coolest Cooler
If your tailgating routine seems staler than that pizza your roommate left out for like 2 months, look no further than the Coolest Cooler to mix it up. If crowdfunding for this contraption goes through, it will be equipped with Bluetooth speakers, a USB charger, LED lights, and a fully functional blender to make those foam beer koozies feel so last century.
58. Wooden Spoons
These pretty wooden spoons ($4) are a unique gift for anyone on your holiday list even your boss.
59. Friendship Bracelet
This friendship bracelet ($5) makes a unique gift or stocking stuffer this holiday season.
60. Little Notebook
Simply bound and wonderfully unique, this handmade cute kitty notebook ($5) is ready for capturing someone special s big ideas.

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