common household items that could kill you

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Lint or Dryers

Common Household Items That Could Kill You

Lint or Dryers

It s such an easy chore to do cleaning out the lint filter but let s be honest: sometimes we let it slide. That s a mistake, as failing to remove lint from the dryer is the leading cause of 2,900 annual dryer fires, which results in 100 injuries and 5 deaths each year, says the?U.S. Fire Administration. All the more reason to get back to good habits and clean the lint filter after each load of laundry (or before you start your next one), and remove lint from the vent pipe (the tube at the back of the machine that releases the hot air outside of your home) every three months.

Electric Blankets
Hot Tubs and Swimming Pools
Gas Range
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Lint or Dryers
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