childrens day celebration

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Childrens Day Celebration

Children's Day is recognized on various days in many places around the world.
The Scene

On May 5 each year, events highlighting children are held throughout the country.At the Yokohama Noh Theater one year, a kyogen recital was held that featured 18 young actors.The youngest of them was a second grader and the oldest was in the seventh grade.Kyogen is a type of comic theater that was founded around 600 years ago and is performed with traditional costumes and a distinctive acting style.The kids had been attending practices once or twice a week since the summer of 1996 to learn the unique comic expressions, movements, and uses of the fan.One of the pieces performed was called Shibiri, in which a servant claims he cant run an errand for his master because every time he tries to do so his leg falls asleep.The theater was packed with parents and friends, who not only enjoyed the humorous pieces but were also extremely impressed with the kids convincing performances.

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