childrens day celebration

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A Children Day Story

Childrens Day Celebration

Children's Day is recognized on various days in many places around the world.
A Children Day Story

In a place as far away as the sky and as close as the tip of your nose, there is a beautiful crystal palace, made all of clearest glass, shining brightly in the sun and surrounded by distant snow sits on the top of a snow covered hill, right in the centre of the magical city called Kalapa, which is the capital of the Kingdom of Shambhala.From the tallest towers and spires of the palace, colourful pennants and flags wave in a cold strong breeze, orange ones with tigers, white with powerful looking snow lions, red with soaring garudas and blue with fire breathing flying dragons.icicles hang from the palace roofs, looking like part of the glass walls.The air is crisp, with just a wisp of sweet incense to tickle the nose.The tinkle of bells and wind chimes is carried with the wind and everyone hears the slow booming beat of the great drum and the piercing call of the giant horn, which echoes across the entire wide valley of the city.The drum and horn are calling the people of Shambhala, for today there is a great feast in the palace to celebrate the change of seasons and the coming of winter.

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