celebrities who had unbelievable jobs

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Kanye West worked as a sales assistant at Gap

Celebrities Who Had Unbelievable Jobs

Celebrities Who Had Unbelievable Jobs Before They Were Famous.
Kanye West worked as a sales assistant at Gap

Rapper Kanye West who made a debut with his album The College Dropout worked as a sales assistant at The Gap in his teens. His Gap days are well depicted in the song Spaceship that featured in his debut album. As of now, the rapper is trying to make a mark in the fashion fiesta as well. He is said to be working with Patrick Robinson, head of designs at Gap. He is indeed working as an intern at Gap offices. Gap confirmed this news with StyleList stating that West is more interested in gaining a firsthand knowledge of the Fashion Industry.

Johnny Depp sold ballpoint pens over the phone
Nicole Kidman worked as a massage therapist
Mick Jagger worked as a porter in a psychiatric hospital
Kanye West worked as a sales assistant at Gap
Jon Bon Jovi worked as a Christmas decoration maker
Angelina Jolie applied to become a funeral director
And so was Harrison Ford
Eva Mendes sold hot dogs on sticks in a shopping mall
Agyness Deyn worked in a fish and chip shop
George Clooney was a door to door insurance salesman
Jim Carrey was a cleaner in a factory
Victoria Beckham played a sperm on roller skates for a BBC education show
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