celebrities who had unbelievable jobs

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Celebrities Who Had Unbelievable Jobs

Celebrities Who Had Unbelievable Jobs Before They Were Famous.
31. Ozzy Osbourne worked in a slaughterhouse
Ozzy Osbourne is a British rock vocalist, television personality, and songwriter. Prior to that, he worked as a trainee plumber, construction site labourer, apprentice toolmaker, a slaughterhouse worker, and a car factory horn-tuner. He even tried his hand at burglary by stealing a television, bibs, baby clothes, and T-shirts. Osbourne gained prominence as a vocalist in the 1970s with the band Black Sabbath. He is inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in US and to the UK Music Hall of Fame for his achievements as a band member as well as a solo artist. He starred in television in 2000s in MTV reality show The Osbournes.
32. George Clooney was a door to door insurance salesman
George Clooney is an actor, producer, screenwriter, and film director. He did odd jobs like selling mens suits and womens shoes, selling door-to-door insurance, stocking shelves, cutting tobacco, and construction work prior to acting. He has also been awarded the Golden Globe Award thrice and Academy Awards twice. Clooney is renowned for being politically active and has worked as UN Messenger of Peace from January, 2008. He was voted as in Times yearly TIME 100 as being amongst the Highly Influential Persons in the World. Clooneys humanitarian aspect includes gathering funds for 2010 Haiti earthquake victims, finding a solution to the Darfur conflict, 2004 Tsunami, 9/11 victims, etc.
33. Mick Jagger worked as a porter in a psychiatric hospital
Mick Jagger is a British musician, singer, actor, and songwriter. In his younger days, Jagger had serious thoughts of becoming either a politician or a journalist. He even worked in a psychiatric hospital as a porter. Today, he is renowned for founding Rolling Stones and is its main vocalist. Jagger has a career spanning over 50 years. He is referred to as most influential and popular person in rock & roll history . His distinctive performance and voice, has been the distinct feature of the Rolling Stones all through the bands career. Jagger was knighted in 2003 for his contributions to the field of music.
34. Cheryl Cole was working as a waitress before her audition for Popstars The Rivals
Cheryl Cole is a British recording artist, dancer, television personality, and songwriter. Prior to gaining fame, she was working as a waitress. She got her first break during late 2002 when she auditioned for reality television series on ITV Popstars The Rivals. Cole was a member of the band Girls Aloud until they split in 2013. Cole then began a solo career and released her premiere solo album titled 3 Words followed by others which became a runaway hit. Cole instantly became the most recognized style symbol. She has also made appearances on the covers of British Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, and Elle and is the brand new face for cosmetic giant LOr
35. Simon Cowell began his career as a post boy at EMI record label
Simon Cowell did some small jobs in his younger days such as serving as a runner on Stanley Kubricks The Shining. Later, his father who was an executive with the recording company EMI Music firm got him a job as a post boy at the EMI records. He worked his way to the top from here. Today, he is a judge in a television talent and music contest, television producer, A&R executive, television personality, and entrepreneur. He is famous as a judge for television shows like Pop Idol, Britains Got Talent, American Idol, and The X Factor. He also owns the music publishing and TV production house Syco.
36. Nicole Kidman worked as a massage therapist
Nicole Kidman is an Australian singer, film producer, and actress. She opted out of school at 17 to support her family monetarily since her mother was ailing from breast cancer. She worked as a massage therapist at this time. Kidman got her first break in films in the thriller Dead Calm. After that she got worldwide recognition for her acting in movies like Far and Away, Batman Forever, and Days of Thunder, etc. She also won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in the movie The Hours. Kidman is also named a Companion of the Order of Australia, as well as is the highest-paid actor in the movie industry.
37. Danny De Vito was a hairdresser
Danny De Vito is an actor, director, producer, and comedian. During his early days, he worked as a hairdresser. He got prominence for his depiction of a taxi dispatcher on the NBC and ABC television show Taxi for which he was awarded an Emmy and a Golden Globe. Later, he became a major star and is famous for roles in movies like Terms of Endearment, Twins, Romancing the Stone, Batman Returns, L.A. Confidential, and Get Shorty. He has also lent his voice for movies like Space Jam, The Lorax, and Hercules. DeVito has also founded Jersey Films. This production firm is famous for movies like Pulp Fiction, Freedom Writers, and Garden State.
38. Christopher Walken worked as a lion tamer at a circus
Christopher Walken is a US actor, director, and screenwriter. Prior to becoming an actor, he worked as a lion tamer in a circus. Walken has acted in over 100 television shows and films, like The Deer Hunter, The Prophecy trilogy, Annie Hall, The Dogs of War, The Dead Zone, Brainstorm, A View to a Kill, Pulp Fiction, True Romance, and Seven Psychopaths. He has garnered numerous awards such as Academy Award, etc during his career. Walken has directed and written script for the film Popcorn Shrimp. He has also written and essayed the primary role in a drama titled Him about Elvis Presley.

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