career options after 10th

Career Options After 10th

How to select a right career path and course after class 10th/ matriculation.
11. Beauty Care
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, a famous Shakespearean phrase discusses about the external and internal beauty of a human being. Who doesnt want to look beautiful or handsome in others eyes When you talk about external beauty be it your face, skin, hair or even nails every one, no matter men or women are beauty conscious and want to look perfect. This has led to the flourishing of the field of Cosmetology, generally known as beauty care.

Derived from the Greek word kosmetikos, which means skilled in adornment, Cosmetology is the study and application of beauty handling. Beauty care that helps people look their best, is a field for those who have an eye for beauty and enjoy interaction with others. With the work environment getting increasingly competitive and professional, and the growing awareness of health and beauty among men and women, the need to appear wellgroomed and attractive has assumed greater importance in todays world. This has resulted in the growth of beauty products and beauty treatments, turning beauty care into a fast growing and lucrative career. Broadly Cosmetology includes every thing from beauty therapy to health care. Work in this field involves the knowledge and use of a range of treatments and equipments to enhance the appearance of the face, body and hair. The main task of a beautician is to give an attractive appearance to their clients. In this field, success has no relationship to the age of the practitioner. Although tastes and trends in beauty keep on changing, the basic job of a beautician beauty care professionals remain the same. Hairstyling, skin care, cosmetics, manicures pedicures, and electrology are the specializations or various fields of Cosmetology. This is one field, one can easily get into and be successful.

12. Call Centers
Call centres are comparatively a recent introduction to the world of career options in India. The career avenues provided by call centres is one of the best suited and growing option which even a fresher can opt for. With the opening up of the Indian economy and the advent of globalisation more and more companies from abroad are basing or outsourcing their call centre services to India, a trend started by GE when it established a call centre near New Delhi in 1998.

A call centre is a service centre with adequate telecom facilities, access to internet and wide database, which provide voice based or webbased information and support to customers in the country or abroad through trained personnel. Call centres exist in all sectors of business including banking, utilities, manufacturing, security, market research, pharmaceuticals, catalogue sales, order desk, customer service, technical queries (help desk), emergency dispatch, credit collections, food service, airline hotel reservations etc. The wide area of services provided by the call centres makes it a lucrative career with a range of opportunities.

13. Modelling
Modelling today has become one of the most sought after career options for youngsters in India. This is one of the most thrilling as well as lucrative profession, it attracts males and females equally, though there was a time when females dominated the field. With the expansion of consumerism and media there has been a fabulous boost in the ad industry. This along with upsurge in fashion industry have made modeling an attractive career option. It has generated a large and continuing demand for fresh faces and personalities to launch and promote a variety of branded products or show a garment to its best advantage.

Modelling is undoubtedly a glamorous field which offers tremendous opportunities to travel and meet various classes of people. Moreover once established it is a highly paid job. Even with all these plus points it involves lot of hard work, dedication and perseverance to be successful in this field. It is a highly competitive and short lived career. Further, stress factor is high and the hours are erratic. The job also requires a lot of stamina and patience.

14. Teaching
Teaching is a highly noble profession, most suited one especially for women. Teachers are always a boon to society. Through their intelligence, patience and wisdom, they attempt to not only hone the learners intellect and aptitude but also, create a wellrounded personality. Teaching has an influence in developing ones mind and character and also gives the satisfaction of having sparked the light of knowledge and dispelled the clouds of ignorance.

As this field is so vast having areas of specialisations, different skills and type of training are required for different levels. Areas of specialisation include teaching at nursery schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities, institutes, special schools etc. Each level calls for a different expertise. If you love to be with children, teaching at schools would be a good option, but if you want to be with young adults, it is better to look at the college or university level. Good teachers can bring out the best in every student. They are the ones who make a difference in the lives of their students. Rousing students from their apathy and watching their curiosity grow is one of the biggest rewards of teaching.

15. IAF Air Man
Young men can join as an Airman in either the Technical and NonTechnical trades of the Air force. The Airman cadre provides opportunities for men (only men)with matriculate or below, 10+2 Intermediate, graduates, Diploma holders and postgraduates in either of the three combatant groups i.e X, Y or Z of the technical and the nontechnical trades. Candidates short listed after the initial selection procedure, are allotted a suitable trade and go through a rigorous training regimen at one of the training institutes. Thereafter, they are inducted and posted as Airmen at any of the Air Force Stations.Each trade offers opportunities to grow and enhance your skills. Depending on your inclination and talent suitability you can move from one trade to the other and grow in ranking. One can even get commissioned as an Officer in the Air Force. C24 As an airman under the Technical Trades, the work involves the maintenance and testing of aircraft and flying related equipment. One will also be directly or indirectly involved in the maintenance and overhaul of ground equipment and armament. As an airman in the NonTechnical trades, the work involves assistance and support to the various functions from weather forecasting to maintenance of records and files of the Indian Air Force and all its branches.
16. Non technical courses only for girls
These NON TECHNICAL courses are either of 2 years or 3 years duration, these diploma courses are offered to provide job opportunities for girls in different sectors as personal assistants, administrators, librarians, costume designers etc.Diploma courses in specific organizations:According to the requirement of thatorganization they will train the student with 100% job assistances. Whenever the course is completed the students will the job in that particular organization.
17. Video Editing
Video Editing, is an interesting career for creative people in the media and entertainment industry. The entire process of making art, aesthetic in the visual media, lies in the technique of editing. Video editing is the process of rearranging or modifying segments of video from one or more video tapes to form a refined and final piece of video. Video editing plays a key role in the post production process. The main task of the video editor is to edit soundtracks, film and video for the motion picture, cable and broadcast visual media industries. It is the video editors skill that determines the quality and delivery of the final product.
18. Jewellery Designing
Jewellery something which always charms us has a great economic significance in the Indian Industry and is regarded as a major source of investment. Women has always had an affinity towards jewellery and Indian women has adorned herself with precious jewellery, gold and diamonds to enhance her feminine beauty from time immemorial. India, is the biggest consumer of gold with 20% of world gold consumption and this industry gives employment to millions of people. Indian jewellery industry is said to have an ancient and historical tradition of over 5,000 years with its own distinct designs, patterns and art forms.
19. Video Jockey
With the advent of various music channels on TV, Video jockeying is becoming an exciting career option for the music crazy generation. The main job of the VJ is to introduce music videos and host music related shows on Television. But as competition increases, music channels are on the trend of incorporating many diverse shows to attract the public, especially the youth. So the VJs area of work involves apart from introducing videos; hosting game to travel shows to youth forums, chatting with the public, doing interviews with artists and music celebrities etc. In short, they act as intermediary figures between the audience and the musicians or music videos. It may also involve off camera work like deciding on the theme and choosing the songs to suit the theme of the show, participating in promotionals like road shows, attending theme parties and with experience, even writing script for the show at times.
20. Parents advice
As soon as you enter Class X most of the parents start giving their advice on which field to choose. Most of the parents have apprehension that arts stream does not carry much significance in the world and is meant for low scorers but this is a myth. Now the things are gradually changing.

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