candle sticks

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Bearish harami cross

Candle Sticks

Candlesticks are graphical representations of price fluctuations for currency pairs.
Bearish harami cross


This is a major bearish reversal pattern which is even more significant than a regular Bearish Harami. The outline again looks like a pregnant woman as with the Bearish Harami Pattern. However now the baby is a Doji. Basically the pattern is characterized by a white body followed by a Doji that is completely inside the range of the prior white body.

Recognition Criteria

1. The market is characterized by a prevailing uptrend.
2. A white body is observed on the first day.
3. The Doji that is formed on the second day is completely engulfed by the body of the first day.

Pattern Requirements and Flexibility

The Bearish Harami Cross consists of two candlesticks in which the body of the first white candlestick engulfs the body of the following Doji. The body of the first candlestick may be short.


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