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Bearish engulfing

Candle Sticks

Candlesticks are graphical representations of price fluctuations for currency pairs.
Bearish engulfing


This pattern is characterized by a large black body engulfing a preceding smaller white body which appears during an uptrend. The black body does not necessarily engulf the shadows of the white body but totally engulfs the body itself. This is an important top reversal signal

. Recognition Criteria

1. The market is characterized by a prevailing uptrend.
2. A white body is formed observed on the first day.
3. The black body that is formed on the second day completely engulfs the white body of the preceding day.

Pattern Requirements and Flexibility

The length of the first white candlestick is not important. It can even be a Doji. The second one however has to be a normal or long black candlestick. Either the body tops or the body bottoms of the two candlesticks may be at the same level but in any case the black body of the Bearish Engulfing Pattern should be longer than the previous white body.


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