business success tips

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Offer what people want to buy

Business Success Tips

Running a small business that reaches success can at times be difficult, but not impossible.
Offer what people want to buy

Too often, people jump into a business built around a product or service they think will be successful, rather than one that is already proven to have a market.What do I mean?Instead of creating and selling a new sports shoe with the latest trendy design and materials, youd be much better off from a business perspective to focus on shoe category generally (a proven category because which people buy shoes every day) and then focus more specifically on the niche of high performance sports shoes, (which you may even sell in a section of a shoe retail outlet). Better to have a small slice of a large category than a large slice of no market at all.

Offer what people want to buy
Upgrade your equipment
Make sure you get paid
Keep Detailed Records
Start socializing
Provide Great Service
Plan ahead for financing
Be Creative
Focus on sales and marketing manically
Assess your HR needs
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