boss day

Boss Day Craft

Boss Day

Celebrating Bosses Day in South Africa on October 16 .
Boss Day Craft

The world is too busy now and everyone is caught up in rigorous work schedules. Nothing other than work finds a place in the to do list. Days are getting shorter and even nights are shrinking. Work is God and work is life. Everyone is so occupied that there is no scope for leisure. Yes, time is the most valuable asset in the current day world. Celebrations and emotions have now become things of the past and festivals are just meant for shopping. The stores are piled with numerous gift items and curios. You just need to pay and voila! An absolute readymade love for your beloveds! But that is not how relationships actually work. Relationships are about sharing, caring and emoting. This is why we have a concept of dedicating days for different relations. Mother day for mommies, Father day for daddies and numerous other days which give us a reaso noto take time out of our busy schedules and attend to the most important people of our lives. And this emoting is not just restricted to your personal life your professional life also comes under the scope of emoting and emoting well. And hence, the concept of Boss day!

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