body language

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Body Language

Nose scratching
Both hands on ears
Hand supporting chin or side of face
Running hands through hair
Hands in pockets
thumbs down
Rubbing hands together
Thumps Up
Signs of Nervousness
Hands Strong expressive part of body
Hands in upward direction
Finger pointing
Hands on heart
Crossed Arms
Chin up
Head down in activities
Head down position
Head shaking
Pronounced head shaking
Head held high
Head tilted to one side
Head forward upright
Head tilted downward
Vigorous head nodding
Biting lip
Open Mouth
Nail Biting
Nodding the head
Slow nodding of head
Unnatural laughter
Pasted smile
Tight lipped smile
Natural laughter
Blinking frequently
Winking eye
Rubbing eye or eyes
Eye shrug
Direct eye contact
widening eyes
Direct eye contact while speaking
Looking left sideways
Looking left down
Looking left and up
Looking right and down
Looking on rightside
Looking right sideways
Body language is relative to age and gender
Looking on left
Eye movement
Eye contact
Body movements and posture
Facial expressions
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