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Bill Gates

Bill Gates is an American business magnate, philanthropist, investor, computer programmer.
Dead Giveaway

As a child, Bill Gates two favorite games were Risk (where the object is world domination) and Monopoly.Microsofts Other Billionaire Bill Gates has become the singular face of Microsoft, but the company wouldnt be what it is today without Paul Allen. It was Allen who primarily wrote Microsofts first program, and according to Microsoft veterans, he championed the companys biggest successes, including MS DOS, Windows and Microsoft Word. But Allen reached a turning point in 1983, when he was diagnosed with Hodgkins disease.Forced to rethink his priorities, Allen resigned from his day to day duties at Microsoft and resolved to spend more time enjoying the luxuries his great wealth could afford. He pursued the good life for two or three years, during which time the cancer went into remission. Rather than return to Microsoft, however, he plunged into another start up, founding Asymetrix in 1985, and has since gone on to become one of the countrys most successful high tech venture capitalists.

Early experience
Marketing trumps challengers
Why was bill gates successful
Philanthropic Efforts
Personal Life
The Rise of Microsoft
Showdown with the government
A precocious pioneer
The Invention of Microsoft Windows
Right place right time
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