bhai dooj celebration

The Story Lord Krishna & Subhadra

Bhai Dooj Celebration

festival of lights and fire-crackers, sisters all over India get ready for 'Bhai Dooj'.
The Story Lord Krishna & Subhadra

On the day of Bhaiya Dooj, Lord Krishna returned to Dwarka after killing the demon Narakasura. Subhadra, the sister of Lord Krishna welcomed her brother with lamps, flowers, sweets and put a mark (Tilak) on his forehead, as a sign of protection. Since then, on the day of Bhai Dooj, every sister puts a vermilion mark on her brother forehead. In return, every brother promises her sisters protection and gives her some gifts.These gifts are an expression of love from a brother to his sister.Similar to any other Hindu festival, the festival of Bhaiya Dooj has more than one legend associated with it. But, the real significance behind celebrating this is the eternal bond which is shared between brother and sister. Bhaiya Dooj in 2014 will again be celebrated by remembering these legends.No festival is complete without its rituals. Various rituals are performed while celebrating the festival of Bhai Dooj in different parts of the country.

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The Story Lord Krishna & Subhadra
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