best selling books in history

Watership Down 50 million

Best Selling Books In History

The Bible is the best-selling book of all-time, with Guinness World Records.
Watership Down 50 million
A fantasy novel with talking rabbits though very different from stories of Brer Rabbit, Watership Down is Englishman Richard Adams flagship novel. The anthropomorphized bunnies journey to find a new home after one of them has a vision their homeland will be destroyed. The story draws parallels between freedom and tyranny as does Orwells Animal Farm and between reason and emotion.

And Then There Were None 100 million
Ben Hur A Tale of the Christ 50 million
The Little Prince 140 million
Think and Grow Rich 70 million
Charlotte s Web 50 million
Anne of Green Gables 50 million
The Alchemist 65 million
One Hundred Years of Solitude 50 million
The Ginger Man 50 million
Harry Potter and the Philosopher s Stone 107 million
The Catcher in the Rye 65 million
The Mark of Zorro 50 million
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