best names at the sochi olympics

Jonathan Midol

Best Names at the Sochi Olympics

Best Names at the Sochi Olympics - Yes perhaps it is immature, not clever and 'mean' to the individ
Jonathan Midol
Jonathan Midol is a pro at freestyle skiing. This man hails from France. While his place of birth is Annecy in the European country, he currently resides in Le Grand Bornand, France. Midol was born on 13 January, 1988 which makes him all of 26 years old. He is a tall man, standing at a mighty 6 feet and weighs 86 kg or 190 lbs. Blue eyed Midol appears a little worried in this picture of his which makes you wonder what could be plaguing a sporty guy. After all with the right gear in place, skiing is not all that risky a game, or is it?

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