best hybrid cars in the world

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Audi A3 e tron and Volkswagen Golf GTE

Best Hybrid Cars in the World

Audi A3 e tron and Volkswagen Golf GTE

The Audi A3 e tron and Volkswagen Golf GTE tie on this list of best hybrid cars because they are built on the same platform. So, what s left is really just a very subjective matter of styling and brand. The cars get 31 miles of electric range on a full battery, which is decent but not great? (although, that s a rating from Europe, which means the real world range is much lower estimated to be around 18 miles). The cars can get up to 60 mph (100 km/h) in just 4.9 seconds, which is pretty dern attractive at a price point of approximately $40,000 before any incentives. Despite the sporty focus, they are quite practical cars and seat 5. Unfortunately, these cars are only available in Europe at the moment.

Volvo V60 Plug In Hybrid
Mitsubishi Outlander Plug In
Ford C Max Energi
Ford Fusion Energi
Audi A3 e tron and Volkswagen Golf GTE
Porsche Cayenne S E Hybrid
Porsche Panamera S E Hybrid
Cadillac ELR
Chevy Volt
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