best geeky things to buy

Best Geeky Things To Buy

The great thing about online shopping is that you can find almost any gadget .
1. Tardis engagement ring box
The picture shows us one of the 33 best geeky stuff that you can purchase on etsy. One of those cool geeky items is apparently a Tardis engagement ring box. The picture shows what looks like a blue engagement ring box with a caption beneath the cover that says for the girl who waited and beneath it are what seem to be engagement rings. The band seems to be made out of gold and the stone is blue as is the colour of the box. The box seems to have some contraptions about which make it geeky in that sense.
2. Hunger Games mug
The picture shows us another one of the best geeky stuff that one can apparently purchase on etsy. This time it is a white coffee mug that features a popular line from the book turned movie The Hunger Games. The white mug shows two arrows on top and on the bottom and is considered to be the symbol of the weapon of the main protagonist namely Katniss Everdeen and the message which reads May the odds be ever in your favour. This is a really geeky item as only those that know the book and appreciate the movie will be able to understand the meaning of such a saying.
3. R2D2 skirt
If there is anything geeky that you could probably buy on etsy then it must be an R2D2 skirt which is of course designed after the iconic character and droid from the popular Star Wars movies. The picture shows a woman wearing a blue, black and white dress that looks like the iconic robot. R2D2 is probably the most enduring character in all of Star Wars canon as he can be seen in all six movies in both the sequels and the prequels. Any fan boy of would be delighted to see this dress worn by a girl or their imaginary girlfriend for that matter.
4. Polyjuice flask
Certainly one of the best geeky items that you can purchase on etsy, a polyjuice flask will whisk you back to the world of Harry Potter. For those not in the know, polyjuice is a very, very powerful potion that only experienced wizards use. It allows the user to be able to assume the form of someone else which is pretty amazing if one wants to gather information or infiltrate a place. The flask is silver with a green background and the word polyjuice written on the middle. This is quite geeky because one needs to have read the books to at least know what polyjuice is and what it means.
5. Pokemon singlet
Another one of the geeky stuff that you can purchase on etsy is definitely a Pokmon singlet. The picture shows a black singlet with the word starters in the middle and shows the characters from the popular video game crossing a pedestrian like the iconic picture of the Beatles in the Abbey Road album. The picture is actually a double homage which makes it truly geeky because not only are the Pokmon characters represented but the picture is a clear reference to one of the most iconic rock bands of all time. So if you are a true geek you will definitely see the meanings behind the picture on the shirt.
6. Legend of Zelda heart pendant
One of the most iconic games back in the early days of PC gaming was the Legend of Zelda. The game was developed in Japan and was published by Nintendo. I can still remember my brother who is an avid fan of the game playing it on our x386 PC with single sided floppy disks. The picture is homage to those early days of PC and features the Legend of Zelda heart pendant. This is a perfect gift to any geeks as there is really a deeper meaning to the jewellery being featured. The game itself is pretty geeky as one needs to solve a lot of puzzles to be able to progress. A far cry from todays shoot em ups.
7. Super Mario lamp
If ever there is a game that revolutionized the computer gaming console industry it would have to be Nintendos beloved Super Mario Brothers. What better way to show your love to this iconic game than to purchase a Super Mario Lamp from etsy. This is definitely one of the geekiest things you can purchase. The lamp comes in one of the many brick walls and a blinking question mark in the middle that is featured in the game. This is definitely a perfect gift for any kid or fan boy of the Nintendo gaming series. One could almost hear the iconic electronic music from the game the moment one sees this featured lamp.
8. Doctor Who Cons
If you have an interest in British science fiction dramas then you definitely cannot go wrong with this Doctor Who inspired Cons. The shoes are basically the classic Converse hi cut Chuck Taylors which are designed after the iconic Doctor Who TV program. It shows the Tardis police box which the doctor uses in order to travel back and forth in time along in order to save civilizations and help people by correcting wrongs. If you are a fan of this enigmatic series or if your kid is then you will definitely want to get this doctor who inspired Chucks to travel in time with.
9. Princess Peach dress
A perfect item for geeky girls, this Princess Peach dress is definitely one of the geeky items you can buy on etsy. For those not in the know, Princess Peach is the iconic princess from the fictional Mushroom Kingdom and she often plays the damsel in distress role in the popular Nintendo Super Mario Games. She is often being imprisoned by Bowser. The dress shown in the picture resembles an uncanny appearance to the one being featured in the video game and would likely delight any geek. It shows the dress along with the iconic necklace and crown. Perfect for saving any damsel in distress.
10. Steve Zissou beard beanie
Wes Anderson is probably one of the most underrated directors of all time. He has created characters that leave an impression on moviegoers long after they have left the theatres. This red beanie with beard exemplifies one of his most iconic characters in his movies namely the famous underwater explorer and Captain of the Belafonte, Steve Zissou. He is played by funny man Bill Murray in The life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Any fan of Wes Anderson and his films will instantly recognize who this iconic character is. The item is definitely a collectible piece for any geek out there who is an underdog.

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