best foods to eat if you start feeling sick

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Best Foods to Eat If You Start Feeling Sick

Best Foods to Eat If You Start Feeling Sick

It seems any sort of illness can be lessened with a delicious popsicle. When youre feeling sick, you may resist drinking liquids. This is the total opposite of what you need to do to get better faster. Stave off dehydration by consuming a variety of liquids. Popsicles are a great frozen liquid for you to enjoy. The cold will also help numb a sore throat. Look for pure juice varieties of popsicles to get some natural fruit sugars and energy. Just be sure to look for popsicles that contain natural flavors and fruit juices. As refined sugars can give you a headache and further prevent the bodys ability to fight off infection. However, natural hydration with fruit bars will deliver the water and nutrients you need to stay energized and fight off that flu!

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Vitamin D
Vitamin C
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