best foods to eat if you start feeling sick

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Best Foods to Eat If You Start Feeling Sick

Best Foods to Eat If You Start Feeling Sick
31. Blueberries
Blueberries are bursting with anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant which gives blueberries their bright blue or purple colours. All their antioxidants also boost the immune system (and your brains health too). Theres also loads of anthocyanin in wine, but the effects of alcohol while sick can have a mostly negative effect.
32. Echinacea
Having now appeared on heaps of grocery shelves, echinacea is most commonly consumed as a tea or supplement. But beware scientists have not found conclusive evidence the herb helps with sickness and it can even have a side effect of an upset stomach. It has been shown, though, to boost white blood cell count which can help your body fight off infection.
33. Apple cider vinegar
Does ACV have no end to its glory? It is a potent antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, and antiinflammatory. It also helps to reduce acidity in the body by acting as an alkalizing agent. A tonic consisting of a tablespoon or two of raw ACV, raw honey, and lots of water could have you feeling a little bit less foggy in no time.
34. Elderberries
showed that elderberry extracts were able to block the H1N1 viruss ability to infect host cells. That means it is a potent antiviral. Okay, so maybe you dont have an elderberry tonic stored in the back of your fridge, but if you find it or decide to make some, know that elderberries are great virusfighters. Some even claim it can reduce the duration of colds and upperrespiratory infections.
35. Oregano
Antiviral, antimicrobial, and antiinflammatory, oil of oregano is extremely powerful and has been shown to fight viruses. It inhibits the growth of unwelcome pathogens, and has myriad other health uses to warrant it a spot in your medicine cabinet. Add a few drops to water or cook with the whole herb. Just exercise caution, as it is very potent.
36. Citrus
Grapefruit, oranges, and lemons are bursting with nutrients, including vitamin C, which is a welldocumented ally if youre fighting off the sniffles. Eat them whole, spritz some into your water, or make homemade juice if youre feeling up to it. Popsicles are also great for numbing a sore throat. Ask someone to make you some homemade orange juice pops for a tasty, healthboosting remedy. Dont waste your money on Vitamin C supplements, though the body cant use more than 200 milligrams a day.
37. Bone Broth
Chicken soup has been a longtime remedy for any sickness and for good reason. Broth, slowcooked bone broth in particular, is very dense in nutrients, including magnesium, phosphorus, and other difficult to obtain trace minerals. Your body will have a harder time fighting off illness if it is suffering a deficiency, and drinking warm broth is comforting for the soul.
38. Highly acidic foods
When your body is trying to bring itself back into balance, you dont want to keep pumping in acidity and inflammation. Stay clear of any foods to which you may be sensitive like dairy and gluten and opt for eating less red meat and dairy, which can be heavy and acidic to the body.
39. Sugary foods
Sugar is acidic to the body. Avoid refined sugars and artificial sweeteners, which cause inflammation. Instead, opt for honey and maple syrup, which are full of beneficial minerals, or eat whole fruits, which balance the sugar intake with fiber.
40. Fatty foods
Fried chicken is not going to make you feel any better. Foods high in grease and fat often leave your stomach unsettled and can produce further inflammation. Adding to your bodily inflammation while your sick just isnt a smart idea, so steer clear of all fast food burgers when you are fighting off a cold.

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