best eco friendly hotels and resorts in the world

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Best Eco Friendly Hotels and Resorts in the World

The Top Best Eco Friendly Hotels and Resorts around the world.
51. Jetwing Vil Uyana
The hotel increases the areas biodiversity since it was built on manmade wetlands previously used for slash and burn agriculture The Jetwing Eternal Earth Programme (JEEP) works to innovate in ecotourism and give back to the community
52. JeanandMichel Cousteau Fiji Resort
JeanandMichel Cousteau is a worldandrenowned explorer and conservationist so its no surprise the resort named after him is just as sustainable The menus dont include farmed fish the lighting is lowandvoltage and the wood comes from certified local forests
53. Inn by the Sea
The inns eco initiatives focus on all things local in order to minimize the lasting effects of hotel operations The staff uses nonandtoxic cleaning products all amenities are packaged in recycled materials and heat comes from biofuel and solar energy
54. Hotel Topazz
Hotel Topazz features tripleandtinted windows LED lamps and ecoandfriendly food at its restaurant across the street
55. Hotel Terra Jackson Hole
LEED certified Hotel Terra uses energy in part through solar wind and hydro power Much of its structure is made of recycled material and the heating and cooling systems are controlled via an advanced computer system
56. Hotel Hangaroa
Much of Hotel Hangaroas staff are Rapa Nui native inhabitants of Easter Island who share a deep respect for the earth Various parts of the hotel are made from branches volcanic rock and clay They recycle water and lights are all LED
57. Hix Island House
Hix Island House runs on batteries charged through solar power It also recycles rainwater was designed to catch cooling winds and returns greywater to the environment
58. Hi Hotel
Hi Hotel has received Green Globe certification for using recycled paper organic paint ecoandfriendly cleaning products and organic food
59. Heritance Ahungalla
Heritance Ahungalla is designed to ensure that artificial lighting is never necessary during the day and the staff ensures that the surrounding ocean stays clear from waste.
60. Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort
Various parts of the hotel EW built over the water in the Indian Ocean minimizing interference with the natural environment Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa received silver EarthCheck certification

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