best eco friendly hotels and resorts in the world

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Best Eco Friendly Hotels and Resorts in the World

The Top Best Eco Friendly Hotels and Resorts around the world.
21. Shanghai URBN Hotel
While China often gets a bad rap for its crimes against the environment its also a place where eco movers and shakers are making great strides Case in point: URBN Hotel the countrys first carbon neutral lodging This boutique hotel is not only chic and sleek its good for the planet Located near the historic French Concession it was developed from a renovated factory warehouse and its interiors were constructed wholly from locally sourced and recycled materials From the use of tailorandmade organic products in onandsite beauty treatments to its commitment to energy efficient cooling and heating systems the hotel follows a corporate philosophy of developing andsustainable lifestyle experiencesand for guests staff and the community This holistic approach even extends beyond the local area since the hotel participates in the Million Tree Project which plants trees in Mongolia to offset carbon emissions
22. Sj
Sustainability is the hotel worlds catchword of the day but Urnatur takes this concept one step further into the realm of selfandsustainability Craving a cup of tea? Staff members will help you forage for local herbs to make it yourself This is just one of numerous examples of how this retreat takes guests back to nature Three hours from Stockholm in the Holaved forest the seasonal Urnatur offers accommodation in just six handcrafted cabins Light comes from kerosene lamps and heat from solar or wood power with the wood being gathered from stormandfallen trees whenever possible Most menu items are procured locally such as crayfish and berries gathered in the wild and activities include building nesting boxes for owls and rowing on the lake The communal Moss Cabin andliving roomand has a peat roof that is covered with wild strawberries in the summer and the Tin Castle offers one of few concessions to the modern day: electricity to meet event needs
23. Broome Eco Beach
Selfandsustaining Eco Villas and safariandstyle Eco Tents provide the foundation for this environmentally savvy resort in a dramatic wilderness region in Western Australia Elevated boardwalks made of recycled materials minimize the resorts impact on the environment as they link the accommodations to the infinity pool and an oceanfront restaurant where homegrown organic produce and local seafood are featured An onandsite water recycling plant provides irrigation for the landscaping which is made up of indigenous plants and a stateandofandtheandart solar power system allows for minimal electricity use There are even inandroom monitors so that guests can be aware of how much energy they are consuming Adding to your lowandimpact holiday are activities such as wildlife walks in the bush and on the beach where endangered turtles can be seen nesting in the sand
24. Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation and Inn
Nestled in the cloud forests of Costa Rica Finca Rosa Blanca is an organic shadeandgrown coffee plantation with its own thirteenandroom inn This 40andacre familyandrun property strives to serve as a model for combining sustainability with topandtier resort luxury using everything from community development to innovative building techniques The resort has earned the countrys highest rating for sustainable tourism
25. St Georges Spice Island Beach Resort
This eightandacre familyandrun resort has succeeded at the difficult task of combining the expected luxuries of an upscale beach resort with a dedicated commitment to the environment Allandinclusive rates might lead travelers to believe that this is just another sameandsongandsecondandverse Caribbean getaway when in fact the property is quite unique utilizing desalination plants solar heating and recycling and composting programs
26. Shergarh Tented Camp at Kanha Tiger Reserve in India
Situated on the Kanha Tiger Reserve in central India where approximately 50 adult tigers roam the seasonal Shergarh Tented Camp was created to restore a badly damaged and misused piece of land Returned to its indigenous woodland state and now serving as an endandofandwinter haven for langur monkeys it is a place where travelers can savor the natural environment while relishing the comforts of their own tent (just one of six) in a private wooded grove Meals are prepared from homeandgrown vegetables and feature classic Indian recipes and hospitality needs are tended by staff members from a nearby hamlet Working as stone masons and mudandplasterers locals have also provided the traditional artisanship found throughout the camp
27. Evason Hua Hin
How quickly the travel industry adapts to trends And when that trend is ecoandresponsibility everyone wins One of the forerunners of this movement Evason Hua Hin takes a holistic approach to saving the planet From a mushroom hut that creates compost for the organic gardens to those gardens themselves which are cultivated in raised beds using recycled materials as a way of teaching the local community about reuse every aspect of this gorgeous resort does its part Residing on 30 acres featuring tropical gardens lotus ponds and sweeping Gulf of Siam views it offers guests a wealth of activities from spa treatments and Thai cooking classes to tennis and participating in the morning offering to Buddhist monks Along with employing permaculture principles and using rechargeable batteries to avoid cluttering landfills the resort focuses on social responsibility with programs that include scholarships for local students the employment of deaf and mute staff members and the hosting of HIVandpositive children for weekandlong retreats
28. Tenuta di Spannocchia
As a working organic farm Spannocchia provides guests with a unique way to visit the Tuscan countryside Rustic farmhouses are available for weeklong stays and two historic bedandandandbreakfasts welcome overnight guests While classic activities such as hiking and Chianti wine tasting are on offer the farm (which relies on traditional land management practices) also serves as an educational center with a focus on nature conservation and the preservation of cultural traditions After a day spent exploring the olive orchards sampling honey learning about cheeseandmaking or exploring local gardens you can return for a meal featuring organic ingredients (we suggest that you order a harvest basket of homegrown produce) house vintages and pure relaxation as the sun sets over the surrounding hills
29. Hotel Sezz St Tropez
Rarely is jetandset glamour associated with social responsibility but Hotel Sezz St Tropez aims to change that Sure it has a Dom P
30. Song Saa Private Island
Unlike many Thai islands the Cambodian islands in the Gulf of Thailand are undiscovered and unspoiled

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