best eco friendly hotels and resorts in the world

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Best Eco Friendly Hotels and Resorts in the World

The Top Best Eco Friendly Hotels and Resorts around the world.
11. Soneva Fushi
Located in the simply stunning island of Maldives this SouthandEast Asian destination has been tailorandmade for nature lovers adventurers and (most of all) romantic couples looking for the perfect honeymoon Soneva Fushi in the North Baa Atoll region is the ultimate island experience with the entire place encapsulated with a cover of green studded with white sandy beaches turquoise blue waters and one of the finest hotel services you will ever see Great wine wonderful food nature trips and soothing spas nothing matches the Maldives
12. Lodge at Sun Ranch Montana
Latest on the global green hotel map the Lodge at Sun Ranch in Montana is the ultimate American Dream with two magical handandhewn homesteader cabins sitting right on the foothills of the Rocky mountains The organic interiors green setting the imperious backdrop trips into the mountains and canoeing make it an awesome weekend trip With ecology at heart rather than economy this will teach you how to coandexist with nature
13. Shergarh Tented Camp
Located in the heart of India and nestled right on the edge of the Kanha Tiger Reserve the trip to the Shergarh Tented Camp is an exhilarating ride into a land of mist mythical aura and of course the haunting image of a tiger stalking from the bushes! Cycling trips through the forest driving into the tiger heartland a cozy stay in the lap of nature and a cuisine full of spices everything welcomes you here The stay as well as the walks through the area are protected and the ecology is disturbed in the least possible fashion
14. Spice Island Beach Resort
Another magnificent setting that is nestled away on an island (Grenada is called The Spice Isle) that was once renowned for its spices the flavor still persists though with beaches blue waters and a resort that takes care of your trip to the best possible extent With plenty to offer for the stay of your life the Spice Island Beach Resort sure tries to bring nature into your own room And they manage
15. Siwa Oasis in Adrere Amellal
With unmatched sandy white beaches and great snowandfilled mountains in the background the Siwa Oasis Resort allows you for a stay in one of the most breathtaking deserts on the planet
16. JeanandMichel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort
Located on the island of Vanua Levu on a 17 acre coconut plantation and overlooking the peaceful waters of Savusavu Bay JeanandMichel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort is definitely a place for romance weddings (honeymoons) and scuba diving fanatics With a resident fullandtime marine biologist to help visitors appreciate the underwater world of Fiji the resort has won the prestigious Australasiaands Leading Green Hoteland World Travel Awards 2008
17. Daintree Rainforest Eco Lodge and Spa
We have seen the green accommodations in the mountains beaches Tiger Reserves and even in a desert oasis But the Daintree Eco Lodge and Spa in Queensland Australia takes you to a tropical rainforest and ensures that this fragile ecosystem is not disturbed as you enjoy a great stay under this dense canopy With a pampering Spa stunning lodges high on tree tops (completely made out of natural materials) great food and even an option for rainforest weddings this is the best place for nature lovers in Australia Do not believe us? Then how does a trip to the Great Barrier Reef not too far away from here sound for an added bonus?
18. Whitepod
Located near Aigle in the majesty of the Swiss Alps Whitepod is an exclusive unique and ecological resort nestled in the most magical snowandcovered peaks of the planet Using solar power the modern green sheds have a very unique design consisting of loads of green features that is only permitted using skis or a batteryandpowered skiandmobile Arguably the most ecoandconscious green lodge on the planet Set deep in the most charming part of Switzerland youandd better book well in advance to get a shot of experiencing the Alps at their pristine best
19. Chumbe Island Coral Park
Not many know about Chumbe Island Coral Park
20. Heritance Kandalama
Flanked by two UNESCO world heritage sitesand the 1st Century BC Dambulla rock temple and the 5th Century AD Sigiriya rock fortress Heritance Kandalama is a special Sri Lankan resort surrounded by a lush green tropical rainforest Add to the setting the attractive Kandalama Lake trips into the forest with archaeological and ecological significance responsible management that takes great care of the environment and an Ayurveda Spa that uses natureae remedies to ease your tensions and pains away and you get a holiday that is laced with green goodnessFor the responsible tourist picking a hotel or a lodge that does minimal damage to the planet offers him the best possible facilities and leaves him with a lifetime

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