benefits of ladys finger

Tips For Cooking

Benefits of ladys finger

Tips For Cooking
To avoid too much sliming, fry it in oil a little before adding all spices. This reduces the slime to a great extent. Remove okra from the pan and set aside and add it towards the end after you have prepared the rest of the dish.2 Soak it in vinegar or lemon water before using it. Another option is to add lemon or vinegar to the dish itself to cut down the slime.3 Blanch okra for 3 4 minutes to reduce the slime and add to the dish when it is almost cooked.

low calorie
Other Health Benefits of Ladys Finger
Deseeded ladies finger
Ladys Finger Seeds
High homocysteine
Heart disease
Side Effects Disadvantages and Precautions
A Delicious Okra Recipe
Dietary fibre for healthy skin
How to Enjoy
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