benefits of zucchinis

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Benefits of Zucchinis


Raw zucchini adds extra crunch to green salads. You can also cut it into strips or rounds for dipping in hummus. For quick stir fries, saute zucchini quickly in just a little olive oil with crimini mushrooms, yellow squash and red peppers for a colorful dish. Zucchini is also a standard addition to minestrone soup. If your backyard zucchini harvest is abundant, try grating the extra vegetables for zucchini bread or muffins made with whole wheat flour.

Promotes Hair Growth
Lowers Cholesterol
How to Cook Zucchini
Whole Vs Peeled
Small varieties of zucchini
Hybrid variety
Hair Benefits of Zucchini
Anti oxidant value
Protein and Fiber
Helps in Weight Management
You can substitute it for pasta
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