benefits of yams

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Benefits of Yams


Most diets donandt get close to the 20 to 35 grams of fiber recommended for health, the Harvard School of Public Health reports. Fiber helps you digest your food properly, which can cut your chances of getting constipated or developing hemorrhoids. When you eat fiber regularly, you are also less likely to get heart disease and certain types of cancer. A 1-cup serving of sweet potatoes supplies 6.6 grams of fiber and a cup of yams provides 5.3 grams.

Cancer Deterrent
How to Selection
Stimulates Collagen Production
Yam Fun Facts
Heals Skin Diseases and Cures Respiratory Problems
Promotes Blood Circulation in the Scalp
Aids Digestion and Improves Bowel Habits
Promotes Hair Growth
Alzheimerands disease
Good Source of Vitamin B6
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