benefits of tamarind

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Heart Health

Benefits of Tamarind

Heart Health

Tamarind have shown it to be effective in reducing blood pressure and blood cholesterol. The fiber content in tamarind certainly has something to do with the reduction in cholesterol, since it is known to scrap excess LDL cholesterol from the veins and arteries. The potassium in tamarind may be responsible for the reduction in blood pressure, since it is known as a vasodilator that reduces the stress on the cardiovascular system. The impressive level of vitamin C in tamarind also may have something to do with it as well, since vitamin C is an antioxidant compound that can reduce the impact of free radicals, those pesky byproducts of cellular metabolism that have been linked to heart disease and a number of other health conditions.

Mouth ulcers
Weight Loss
Tamarind Fruit
As a Cooling Drink
Helps prevent constipation
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