benefits of tamarind

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Benefits of Tamarind

81. bowel movement
Pulp of tamarind acts as a laxative and is an excellent remedy for sluggish bowel movement. The presence of dietary fiber in tamarind pulp plays an important role on binding bile salts. Two teaspoons of tamarind paste is very good for bowel movement.
82. Keep the bones remain strong
By consuming tamarind, naturally you increase the intake of magnesium. Several studies have shown that people who consume a high potassium and magnesium have better bone density than those not.
83. Helped nervous system works well
If you often feel numb and the muscles are weak, possibly thiamin deficiency. The content of Vitamin B in tamarind, played a major role in the function of the body including nerve and muscle activity.
84. Helps prevent constipation
Tamarind is also a high source of fiber, fiber helps to overcome constipation and keep to smooth digestion.
85. Controlling blood pressure
Every 100 grams of tamarind contains 2 times more potassium than in bananas. Potassium helps control blood pressure by controlling the effect of sodium on the body.
86. Prevent anemia
With its high iron content, consuming tamarind can help you fight against anemia.
87. Controlling cholesterol levels
Besides thiamin, tamarind is a good source of niacin. Niacin can help lower bad cholesterol and raise levels of good cholesterol in the body.
88. Helping to produce energy
Riboflavin content of the tamarind will help release energy from carbohydrates.
89. Assist the process of blood clotting
Tamarind is a fruit that is rich in calcium. Calcium (with the help of vitamin K) has a major role in the process of blood clotting in wounds.
90. Keep the healthy teeth and gums
Missing teeth or bleeding gums can be a sign of lack of vitamin C in our bodies. Tamarind contains some vitamin C sufficient to meet those needs as much as 6%.

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