benefits of tamarind

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Benefits of Tamarind

61. Carbohydrates
Tamarind is still a source of carbohydrates, and it must be limited and factored into a well balanced diet. It is best eaten plain in small amounts or used as a condiment to spruce up the flavor of food and beverages.This food is an excellent source of vitamin B, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, iron, thiamine, phosphorus, riboflavin, and fiber.
62. Simple Recipe for Tamarind
The simplest way to enjoy tamarind is in the pod form. Break off the brown outer pod and remove the stringy part that looks like a small root wrapped around the pulp. You will be left with a long piece of pulp that has rock hard seeds inside the size of large corn niblets. Cut it into sections and eat, nibble around the seeds and spit them out. Keep in mind too much tamarind can have a laxative effect.
63. Date and Tamarind Chutney
This one of my favourite dipping sauces. Sweet and sour in flavour this condiment usually accompanies samosas, cassava chips and many types of 'chaat'. You can adjust the amount of dates, tamarind and jaggery to make it as sweet or sour as you like. Think of it as the Indian version of a ketchup.
64. Herbal Soap and Facial Scrub from natural AHAs
All our products at Body Delights are made of natural AHAs from the tamarind tree. You can enjoy the positive benefits on a daily basis with the Tamarind Herbal Soap. This product can fade dark spots, age spots, and post acne scarring while assisting in softening your facial skin tone. Or try our Tamarind and Honey Herbal Body Scrub or Tamarind Extract Herbal Foam Facial Scrub which are specially formulated to improve the overall condition of your skin to produce a healthy glow.These products will leave your skin feeling healthy and clean.You can also have your own body delight and tamarind spa and try the homemade tamarind scrub recipe, a simple but efficient recipe for a homemade tamarind face mask.
65. Instant lightening pack
You cannot use raw tamarind as it may irritate your skin. So we firstly boil around 30 grams of tamarind in 100 ml of water. After a few minutes, remove it from the flame, cool it and extract the pulp from it.
66. Instant bleaching
This homemade tamarind face mask contains all the natural bleaching agents. It is useful for removing acne scars, dark patches and pigmentation. Tamarind also helps to lighten skin tone.
67. Body scrub and Face scrub
This body scrub is ideal for oily and acne prone skin due the antimicrobial properties of tamarind. But avoid the contact with eyes and skin and do not apply after shaving or waxing as it may irritate your skin.Tamarind contains natural fruit acids which help to remove impurities and dead cells giving a polished skin. It also contains AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) which acts as an exfoliater.
68. Hydrating toner
We all are familiar with the hydrating properties of tea. Green and black tea contains anti ageing elements which help to fight against the formation of free radicals. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Tamarind also makes your face radiant and smooth.
69. Cooking
Tamarind juice is widely used in many states of India for making curries, salad dressing,You can also make a fresh drink by mixing sugar and tamarind juice with 2 cups of cold water and lemon wedges.You cav Prepare a salad dressing out of tamarind, lemon juice, sugar and olive oil.
70. Improved Blood Sugar and Appetite Control
American pharmaceutical companies use 100 tons of tamarind pulp yearly for use in blood sugar managing medications, according to Phytopharmacology and Therapeutic Values. One tablespoon of tamarind paste provides 12 percent of adults' daily recommended intake of fiber an indigestible carbohydrate that promotes blood sugar and appetite control.

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