benefits of swiss chard

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Benefits of Swiss Chard


Even when its smothered in cheese sauce, topped with blue cheese or baked with lots of eggs, the greens are still plenty healthy (and plenty delicious). You can also bake the stems sprinkled with cheese and bread crumbs. Regardless of which chard variety you choose, your taste buds will be tickled with an intriguing flavor that s a lot like spinach, with a hint of beet. Due to its spinach like flavor and texture, Swiss chard is often used as a substitute for spinach in recipes, but there are also a whole host of chard recipes out there, covering everything from smoothies and cold soups to stir fries and salads.

Healthy Blood
How to Eat It
Hair Health
Alternative names for Swiss chard
Used in salads
Cancer Prevention
Bone Health
Manage Diabetes
Lentil or bean soup
Origins of Swiss chard
Eye Health
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