benefits of star apple

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Taste of Star Apple

Benefits of Star Apple

Taste of Star Apple

Caimitos flesh is juicy, milky, and jellolike, similar to a persimmons. The gelatinous flesh near each seed is especially sweet and coconutty. Despite a mildly sweet and agreeable profile, they are not a particularly bold or controversial fruit. In this respect, they resemble fresh figs: pleasant but mellow. Avoid eating the skin, as its bitter and full of unappetizing latex. Indeed, roughly a third of the fruit consists of the inedible rind and skin.

known asmean fruit and Chrysophyllum cainito
Star apple flowers
Used to treat sore eyes
Cure in ringworm and chicken pox
Stimulate milk flow
Medicinal applications
Purple star apples
Help to fortify bones
History of Star Apple
Protact some forms of cancer
Taste of Star Apple
Keeping Quality
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