benefits of rosemary

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Respiratory Health

Benefits of Rosemary

Respiratory Health

Rosemary is a great natural remedy for respiratory problems. Breathing in the scent of the essential oil may help with congestion due to colds, allergies, respiratory infections, and the flu. You may also boil fresh rosemary in a pot of water, place it in a bowl, and breathe in the steam to help clear the lungs and throat. This will also help with any sinus or head pain associated with respiratory conditions.

Repel bugs
Stimulates Hair Growth
Improved Memory
Aromatherapy and Romantic Fire Bundles
Cooking with Rosemary
Rich source of antioxidants and anti inflammatory compounds
Medicinal Action and Uses
Cooking and Garnishes
Concentrated extracts
Preparation Methods and Dosage
Excellent source
In Depth Nutritional Profile
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