benefits of potatoes

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Potatoes and Pesticide Residues

Benefits of Potatoes

Potatoes and Pesticide Residues

Virtually all municipal drinking water in the United States contains pesticide residues, and with the exception of organic foods, so do the majority of foods in the U.S. food supply. Even though pesticides are present in food at very small trace levels, their negative impact on health is well documented. The livers ability to process other toxins, the cells ability to produce energy, and the nerves ability to send messages can all be compromised by pesticide exposure. According to the Environmental Working Groups 2014 report Shoppers Guide to Pesticides, conventionally grown potatoes are among the top 12 fruits and vegetables on which pesticide residues have been most frequently found. Therefore, individuals wanting to avoid pesticideassociated health risks may want to avoid consumption of potatoes unless they are grown organically.

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