benefits of pomegranates

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Benefits of Pomegranates

71. Pomegranates are packed with religious history and symbolism
The pomegranate has enjoyed celebrity status for millennia. Widely believed to have originated in Persia (modernday Iran), the fruit is mentioned in ancient Babylonian texts, the Bible, the Homeric Hymns and the Quran. Pomegranates appear in Greek mythology, Egyptian papyrus, Tang Dynasty characters, and ancient Armenian texts.
72. They taste great
Pomegranates would hardly enjoy such celebrity status if they tasted as bitter as their peel. But crack open this pinkredpurplish fruit and dig in. A bit tart but sweet too, pomegranates are a tasty and nutritious snack. And if youre not a fan of purpletinged fingers, you can always stop by a fresh juice stand or order pomegranate ice cream. Enjoy!
73. Pomegranate Juice Benefits
The benefits of pomegranate juice are many. Pomegranate juice is packed with antioxidants, which help rid the body of free radicals. Drinking pomegranate juice can have a great impact on your health, by increasing your cardiovascular, reducing your risk of cancer, and reducing inflammation. Laboratory studies have shown that properties in pomegranate juice can increase your heart health by keeping your arteries flexible and decreasing inflammation in the linings of your blood vessels, as well as decreasing and preventing plaque buildup.
74. Pomegranate Juice Benefits for Men
pomegranate juice benefits men by acting as natures Viagra. A 2005 study on the long term effects of pomegranate juice intake on erectile dysfunction in animals showed that erectile dysfunction is closely linked to free radicals. Pomegranate juice, being so high in free radical fighting antioxidants, can help fight erectile dysfunction as well.
75. Benefits of Pomegranate Juice for Women
pomegranate juice holds numerous health benefits specific to women.Pomegranate juice can benefit pregnant women. Its a rich source of many vitamins and minerals including folic acid, which is a vital component of any prenatal diet.The antiinflammatory benefits of pomegranate juice also help keep a healthy blood flow to the developing baby.The potassium in pomegranate juice can also help with the leg cramps that many pregnant women experience, especially at night.
76. Natural
Healthy skin not only offers aesthetic benefits, it helps regulate your body temperature and provides a layer of protection against infectious agents. A healthy diet helps ensure your skin can function at its best, and drinking pomegranate juice provides the energy, carbohydrates, proteins and fats that your skin and other tissues need to maintain themselves. Pomegranate juice also serves as a source of minerals and vitamins, including several nutrients that offer cosmetic and other benefits for your skin.
77. Vitamin E
Pomegranate juice benefits your skin because of its vitamin E content. Vitamin E provides natural sun protection it neutralizes harmful free radicals generated as a result of sun exposure, so that they cannot damage your skin. It also promotes healthy wound healing and regulates inflammation, helping to fight inflamed skin.
78. Vitamin C
Pomegranate juices vitamin C content also offers cosmetic benefits and nourishes your skin. Like vitamin E, it protects your skin against sun damage, and a diet rich in vitamin C reduces skin wrinkling, explains the Linus Pauling Institute. It also helps you synthesize collagen, a protein important for healthy skin and teeth. Low vitamin C levels can cause old scars to reopen, and can even cause tooth loss.
79. Zinc
Drink pomegranate juice as a source of zinc, an essential mineral important for healthy skin. Zinc regulates the growth of basal cells the precursor cells that develop into mature skin tissue, and also plays a key role in wound healing. It also activates superoxide dismutase, an antioxidant protein that protects your skin from damage.
80. Copper
Pomegranate juices copper content also offers cosmetic benefits. You need copper to produce melanin, a pigment that helps give your eyes, skin and hair their color. Copper offers antiinflammatory benefits to your skin and provides natural sun protection. It also helps produce mature collagen, which strengthens your skin tissue.

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